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Admission Procedure

Application Procedure

  1. Prospectus and admission forms are available at all the campuses of Comwave Institute.
  2. Application for admission must be made on the form enclosed with the prospectus. Photocopy or computer print will not be accepted.
  3. Application incomplete in any respect will not be considered.
  4. Photocopies of certificates, testimonials and Six photographs should be attached to the application form.
  5. Applications for admission should reach the admission office on or before the date notified for this purpose in newspapers.
  6. All applicants will have to qualify the entry test and/or aptitude interview.
  7. Applicants who meet the selection criteria shall be evaluated / interviewed and the merit list shall be displayed at the respective campuses of Comwave. Result will also be available on the university website.
  8. Successful applicants will be required to submit the requisite fee by the due date to secure admission.

Restrictions and Declarations

  1. Candidates punished by their previous institutions or university on accept of indiscipline or undesirable activities (major penalties) shall not be admitted in the university.
  2. The authority concerned may refuse admission to a student who, in its opinion, has malafide intentions or undesirable background.


If a candidate lacks the background for a specific program of interest, he/she will have to make-up the deficiency by taking one or more additional courses as the concerned faculty may prescribe.


  1. The admission committee shall consider the applicants for admission to different programs on the basis of academic record, aptitude test and /or interview of the candidates.
  2. The competent authority shall determine the number of students to be admitted in each program.
  3. Applicants and their parents have to give undertaking to abide by the rules and regulations of the university and such instructions as may be issued by the competent authority of the university from time to time.<
  4. Each student has to commit on an affidavit not to take part in political or other activities detrimental to the academic environment of the university.
  5. The admission of a candidate to a program shall initially be provisional, to be confirmed after (i) verification of testimonials/ documents, and (ii) removal of course deficiencies, if any.
  6. If a student enrolls himself/herself with any other university while registered at Comwave Institute, his/her admission will be cancelled immediately.

Enrollment of Semester:

  1. At the beginning of each semester, a student must enroll in courses of studies on the prescribed form.
  2. The enrolment shall not be deemed complete unless a student makes payment of all the prescribed fee and submitted the course registration form.
  3. Enrolment and fee payment must be completed by the dates notified for this purpose, provided the authority concerned may, in special circumstances and on payment of a late fee applicable at that time, permits a student to enroll within 3 weeks after the commencement of a semester. This permission of late admission enrolment will be at the student's risk that will be responsible to make up the deficiency on his/ her own.
  4. A student admitted to a program shall, so long as he/she has not completed all the requirements for the degree, enroll himself/ herself for each semester, failing which his / her admission shall stand cancelled. In case he/ she desire readmission, he/ she shall have to apply afresh. The concerned authority may readmit such a candidate, or refuse admission if reasons advanced are not convincing.