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IT Services

As Comwave has its focus on Information Technology and computer sciences, therefore, in all the centers of Comwave, state of the art IT facilities are provided to the students. The students can make use of the latest technology equipment such as high speed internet, latest IT equipment, quality Labs and an environment where everywhere there is discussion of computers and technology.

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Comwave offers different types of incentive/deserving oriented scholarships to its students. The objective of the Scholarship program is to make education and learning affordable for those who cannot afford it and are extremely deserving and those who are bright and hardworking students as recognition of their effort. Scholarships are provided to the students of Comwave with the following criteria.

  • First 100 students who have achieved 70% and above marks in their previous level, are offered Merit Based Scholarship of 20% on the Tuition Fee of the 1st Semester.
  • The Merit Based Scholarship continues for the rest of the Semesters if the student is able to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 (3 students only) in every semester.
  • If two or more siblings are studying at the same time in Comwave, the institute gives them Kinship Scholarship @ 10% each on the Tuition Fee till such time they remain enrolled and continue studies together in respective/same programs.
  • Comwave also considers Need Based Scholarship for the students who are financially week and can not afford the fee. Such cases are presented on proper applications and a Committee, already constituted for the purposes, scrutinize the cases one by one and recommend the deserving cases for the consideration of competent authorties.
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Online Admission

For the distant students who cannot come to the center on time to apply for admission, Comwave offers Online Admission facility by using which the students can apply for admission from their home. Once the students are shortlisted, they can visit the center and formally apply for enrollment.

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Like state of the art technology devices and equipment, Comwave also makes sure that the students have ample books available in the library from which they can benefit. There are books related to all kinds of disciplines and areas of education as well as life in general. Therefore, in our library the students can find all kinds of material to become better masters of their subject as well as for their general knowledge.

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