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Comwave Promises Bright Future

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Mission / Vision

The Mission of Comwave Institute is to achieve excellence in Bachelor and Master level education, research, and public service.

We strive-

  • To provide such an educational experience that results in intellectual enhancement and personal growth of the student not just during the course but throughout their professional lives
  • To provide such a learning environment that invokes the scholarly spirit in the students and faculty out of which they contribute in enhancement of knowledge and creativity process with their research and development
  • To produce professionals who increase the understanding of the public regarding technology and the way it contributes to a better society
  • To ensure that the youth of the nation has state of the art learning facilities available
  • To contribute to the technological learning in the country so that people advance in the field of technology and contribute in the progress of the country
  • To respond to the changes in the society by making sure that the society moves abreast with the modern world

Our Motto "A commitment to enhance the Scientific and Technical Education"


  • Develop critical thinking in the students that makes them work creatively and helps them become competent and effective communicators
  • Function as an institute that is student centered and is both responsive and responsible for the academic excellence of the students
  • Foster a learning culture where students from all gender, racial and ethnic background gather under the wing of experienced faculty and receive equal enlightenment
  • Promote strengthening of specific areas in students that help them rise to excellence and establish repute in the market
  • Provide an environment where the administration is supportive to the faculty and helps them in enhancing their professional and intellectual potential
  • Strive to meet the research and educational demands of the country and contribute to it by producing individuals who are readily accepted in private and government sector of the country.