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Learn To Shape Young Minds With Our Educational Course

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Master of Education

Program Duration 1 Year

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates holding Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree with at least 45% marks from recognized university/institution and have the ability to undertake M.Ed. Degree program with minimum of three years of teaching experience in registered educational institutions are eligible to apply.

Program Objectives

Teaching is an exciting and demanding profession requiring a variety of skills in communication and management. Teachers must have the ability to exercise a considerable degree of understanding, judgment and patience. We have developed our educational programs according to a model of professionalism that brings together theoretical understanding, practical experience and personal development. Our M.Ed program aims at furthering the potential of enthusiastic teachers to make them thoroughly competent and capable of working in all possible settings. The program is structured to enable teachers to understand student?s psychology as well as to impart the direly needed knowledge and skills. The objective is to help teachers that how they can become even more effective and how they can utilize modern technologies for imparting knowledge to their students. Emphasis of the program is on use of information technology in the learning process

Scheme of Studies for M.Ed

Semester 1

Course No. Course Title Credit Hrs.
SME 627 Cumputers in Education 3 - 0
SME 626 Comparative Education 3 - 0
SME 628 Education Research 3 - 0
SME 629 Advance Educational Psycology 3 - 0
SME 630 Guidance Counseling 3 - 0

Semester 2

Course No. Course Title Credit Hrs.
SME 633 Curiculum Development and Implementation 3 - 0
SME 632 Education in Pakistan: Problems, Issues and Trends 3 - 0
SME 635 Teacher Education in Pakistan 3 - 0
SME - Elective I 3 - 0
SME - Elective II 3 - 0
SME 652 Research Thesis OR 0 - 6
SME 653 Teaching Strategies 3 - 0
SME 654 Economics of Education 3 - 0

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