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Scholarships and Discounts

S# Program Merit Scholarship in tuition Fee only Kinship Discount in Tuition fee only Need Based Discount in Tuition fee only Referred by Technical Institute Student Reference Discount Performance Based Scholarships in Tuition Fee only
1BBA/ BBS/ MBF-10%10%-2,50010%
2B.Com/ M.Com-10%10%-2,500-
3BS Tel/ BS Electronics/ MSc Electronics.-10%10%2,5002,50010%
4BS Computer Science / IT-10%10%-2,50010%
5BS/ MSc Microbiology/MLT-10%10%-2,50010%
6BSc Engg Tech (E&T, Electrical, Civil, Mech)10%10%10%2,5002,50010%
7B-Tech (E&T, Electrical, Civil, Mech)10%10%10%2,5002,50010%
8ADE (2 Years)-10%10%---
9B-Ed (1.5 Years)/ M-Ed-10%10%---
11MSc H & PE-10%10%---

Merit Scholarships: Eligibility Criteria/Procedure:

  • First 100 students from three Centers of COMWAVE who secured 70 % or above marks in DAE/
  • Filling of specified form and attach copy of Mark Sheet/DMC of previous result

Kinship Discount:

  • Students can apply kinship discount in first semester only.
  • Filling of specified form supported with father CNIC/ Form-B of both siblings.
  • Kinship discount would be given to one sibling who has taken admission subsequently (as long as both are studying simultaneously).

Need Based Discount:

  • Filling of specified form describing the reason for financial aid along with supporting documents (e.g., Pay Slip, Father’s Pension slip, Death certificate etc.)
  • Upon recommendation of review committee.

Referred by Technical Institutes:

  • Upon recommendation letter by authorized officer of technical institute.
  • Applicable in first semester only.

Student Reference Discount:

  • Student from 2nd semester onward can refer maximum four students in each semester (only in Islamabad Campus, while in Haripur & Abbottabad campuses, maximum two student can be referred).
  • Filling of specified form and attach copy of student card.

Performance Based Scholarship:

  • For 2nd semester on ward for those students who secured 3.6 GPA
  • Result of the current semester will be looked for discount not the CGPA.
  • Scholarships will be given in specific programs (BBA,BSCS,BS/MSc Electronics, BS/MSc Micro, BSc Eng Tech/B.Tech)
  • Filling of specified form and attach copy of result.


  • Only one discount option could be availed in 1st Semester.
  • Reference discount & Performance based Scholarship can be received at a time from 2nd semester on ward.
  • Discounts applicable in tuition fee only for merit, need based, kinship & Performance Based scholarships.
  • University / Institute reserves the rights to make changes in discounts policy at any time.
  • All the discounts are subject to approval of competent authority.